Star Magazine's Hot trends: Acne Spot Corrector

In case you missed it, Dr. Lin Skincare’s Acne Spot Corrector was recently featured in Star Magazine’s Top 12 Trends page to help shrink breakouts, fast. Here are 4 foolproof tips on how you can get the most out of the acne spot corrector for a flawless face.

1) Check to see if benzoyl peroxide is listed as an active ingredient: While some acne solutions claim to clear acne with benzoyl peroxide, they aren’t always formulated with a high enough concentration to be very effective. The Acne Spot Corrector is formulated with 5% benzoyl peroxide to quickly shrink a breakout.

2) Be generous when applying a spot corrector: Apply a thin layer of a treatment if you are planning on wearing make-up over the treatment, or if you don’t want it to be seen. But if you are at home, apply a thick layer of the affected area to help dry-out the pimple even faster.

3) Moisturize: Although some people with acne are apprehensive about moisturizing, using products that contain benzoyl peroxide can over-dry the skin and cause flaking. Keep skin balanced with an oil-free moisturizer like the Daily Hydrating Gel. It helps plump, firm and hydrate the skin with hyaluronic acid, and is water based with aloe vera so it doesn’t leave skin greasy.

4) Wear a sunscreen: Always remember to wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, especially when using products that contain benzoyl peroxide since it can cause sun sensitivity

You never know when that stressful meeting, exam, or yummy chocolate bar will result in an unexpected visit on your face. So why not have a little tube in your bag for emergencies? It may just come in pretty handy! What are some of your go to acne fighting products?

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