Hacks for your Daily Hydrating Gel

Our Daily Hydrating Gel has been called the "Holy Grail of Moisturizers." Those of us unfortunate enough to have severely sensitive skin know why. It has soothing aloe, moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid and it is totally oil-free. But did you know that the Hydrating Gel can be used for more than inflammation and acne? Check out these uh-mazing Hydrating Gel hacks below:

1. Aftershave - Skip the drugstore options and alleviate post-shave bumps with our Hydrating Gel. The aloe will calm redness associated with shaving trauma. Bikini bumps begone! 

2.  Hangnails - Why are those little things so painful?! At any rate, if you want to prevent them, use the gel around your nail beds. The soothing aloe will help deliver the manicure-worthy fingers!

3. Eye Treatment - One of the first places you'll notice sagging skin and fat loss associated with aging is around and under your eyes. It can also be one of the most difficult areas to correct! Hyaluronic Acid infuses skin with moisture. Plump up sunken in undereyes by using the Hydrating Gel as a nighttime eye treatment!

4. Masking - The gel formulation makes this moisturizer the perfect mask when you need an extra dose of hydration. Think, after a night of drinking, or even after eating too much salt.

5. Sunburn Body Balm - Sunburns are the worst. Gently (and I mean very gently) massage the Hydrating Gel directly on sunburnt skin for instant relief! (Pro tip: keep the gel in the refrigerator to increase the cooling sensation!) And next time, don't skip the sunscreen!

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