Glowing Skin: Breathing Exercises To Improve Gut and Skin Health


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On a daily basis, we see all those beauty commercials with women flaunting their clear skin. It has been brainwashed into our minds by these commercials that a healthy and glowing skin can only be achieved if you are a celebrity with dozens of beauty products, or if you're willing to undergo the knife. Though a daily skincare regimen is important, it is not the only answer to permanent glowing skin.

Abhishek Maheshwari, a renowned yoga instructor holds the opinion that ‘Pranayama, breathing exercises, headstand and fish pose are primarily the best for glowing skin'. To explain this quote a little further, a daily regimen of breathing exercises working on the principle of Valsalva maneuver and some yoga postures can provide more efficient results than any other regimen.

Practicing Pranayama: Pranayama is the practice of controlling your breath which has been used by Yogis for centuries to train their mind and solve various problems. It is beneficial for the respiratory system and removes all energy blocks. It also purifies the blood and makes the circulation more efficient which benefits the skin. Some pranayama’s are discussed below:

  • KapalabhattiPranayam
  • The Kapal Bhatti breathing technique has become more popular due to the efforts of certified Yogis. This technique is relatively advanced and has a number of benefits. It is also known as skull shining technique because while practicing you must visualize a bright light filling your skull. This technique should be practiced with your legs crossed and hands placed on the lower belly. Then a deep breath should be taken through the nose and exhaled through the mouth. This cycle of 10 breaths should be repeated three or four times in each sitting.

  • AnulomVilom

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    AnulomVilom is also called nostril breathing, which looks simple but is extremely powerful. It settles the emotions, body, and mind. Each time fresh breath fills your lung and body, it helps clear toxins out. This is practiced by keeping your spine straight and bringing your right palm in front of your face and using your thumb and index finger to obstruct the nostril and breath from the left nostril. This technique should be practiced on alternating sides for 10 cycles.

  • BhastrikaPranayam
  • BhrastikaPranayam is known as bellows breath which is thought to increase the life force. This technique has the added benefit of improving digestion and increasing metabolism rate. This technique is executed by sitting upright and breathing from the belly. It should be ensured that the breath should arise from the efforts of the diaphragm.

  • BhramariPranayam

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    This technique is named after the Indian black bee and the exhalation process during this technique is similar to the humming of the black bee. This technique can be practiced by sitting straight and placing your index fingers on the cartilage between your cheeks and ears. Take a deep inhalation and then exhale while pressing down on your cartilage until a humming sound is produced.

  • Bhaya Pranayama
  • Bahya Pranayama, also known as external breathing. It is named so because it involves retaining the breath after exhalation. It is a vital breathing technique based on a three-step process of inhaling, exhaling and then retaining the breath for a couple of minutes. This process needs training on a daily basis to increase the amount of time one can hold their breath. It is practiced by sitting up with your spine erect, inhale deeply and then exhale out completely. Next, the breath should be held while you pull your stomach up and bend your neck and touch your chest with your chin. This position should be held for 5 to 10 minutes then released. Repeat this process for 5 minutes daily.

    These breathing techniques are guaranteed to help you achieve a glowing complexion if practiced daily and correctly. To make the most out of these exercises, it is recommended that they are paired with Yoga postures which can be practiced after obtaining mastery over breathing and meditation. Apart from a number of health benefits, these practices are also the key to everlasting youth and beauty.

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