Daily Hydrating Gel in InTouch Magazine!

I’m incredibly excited that my Daily Hydrating Gel was recently featured in InTouch Magazine in the Golden Globes Trends page! It’s the perfect oil-free hydrator that doesn’t leave the skin greasy. It’s especially great to plump and firm skin to get that red carpet ready look every time!

Maintaining healthy, hydrated skin shouldn’t have to be such a tough balancing act, which is why I developed my Daily Hydrating Gel.  The problem with most creams is they are oil based and can clog pores. The Daily Hydrating Gel is water based and contains aloe vera to calm inflammation.  Nobody wants dry skin, but nobody wants oily skin either.

One of the main reasons why I developed the Daily Hydrating Gel is for my patients who would express sensitivity after chemical or laser peels. I knew they would love to have a non-irritating, and soothing solution.  Soon, after using my hydrating gel, my patients began to report continued use of the hydrating gel because of its multiple benefits of moisturizing their skin and keeping them looking fresh!

Here are some of my recommended tips for red carpet ready skin:


Store the Daily Hydrating Gel in the refrigerator prior to use. The cooling sensation helps refresh and soothes the skin, which is always a plus.

Use it as a Mask to Plump and Firm Skin:

One of the main ingredients is Hyaluronic Acid, a common filler found in most injectables that helps fill in wrinkles and smooth fine lines. Hyaluronic acid can be applied topically as an alternative to an invasive procedure. Just apply a thick layer as a mask before bed and wake up to beautiful plump, full skin.

Fantastic for Acne Prone Skin:

This non-greasy formula has become a favorite among my patients. They were so relieved to have finally found a moisturizer that doesn’t cause breakouts.  Having suffered from acne in my youth, I was well aware that most skin care companies don’t always have moisturizers that cater to acne prone skin – until now.

Treat Burns or Sunburns:

Creating the Daily Hydrating Gel for my patients whose skin would often be raw and sensitive after chemical and laser peels, can also be used for speeding up the healing process of burns and sunburns.

I hope you enjoyed my tip! Have you found any additional uses for the Daily Hydrating Gel? Share them or any questions in the comments below.





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