5 Ways to Fade and Prevent Acne Scars

We’ve all been there. Whenever a new pimple arises, the first thing we want to do is pop them so they are gone immediately. However, it’s not just an old wives tale that popping pimples can leave scars. As careful as we try to be, improper extractions can let bacteria in under the skin causing infections, damage and yes, raised, dimpled and or discolored acne scars.

If you can’t make it to the dermatologist or to an esthetician for professional extractions, it’s important to treat acne properly to reduce inflammation and prevent scarring once the acne is gone.

Treatments that include ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide helps address the first sign of a breakout by penetrating deep into pores to kill acne causing bacteria.

Dr. Lin’s Acne Spot Corrector is the perfect weapon that works double duty to shrink pimples and fade acne marks.

Developed by Dr. Lin who struggled personally with acne, it’s formulated with a proprietary blend of Benzoyl Peroxide to eliminate acne, and Natural, Active Botanicals to heal and fade new or existing acne scars. Recommended for all skin types, this treatment helps fade red and dark marks for an even skin tone.

Treating a breakouts and erasing acne scars with Dr. Lin’s Acne Spot Corrector is like bringing home the dermatologist, without even having to make an appointment.

Dr. Lin’s Prescription for Preventing and Fading Acne Scars:

1) Wash morning and night with a gentle foaming cleanser like the Daily Foaming Cleanser

2) Wash with luke-warm water. Scalding hot water can cause broken capillaries under the skin and cause the sight of red veins to arise. Let the treatments kill bacteria, not the water.

3) Maintain balanced hydration. One popular misconception of those with acne is that using a moisturizer can leave skin greasy and cause more break-outs. However, skin is an amazing organ and it always wants to naturally regulate it’s hydration. Leaving your skin dry will cause glands to produce more oils. This over-production of oils attracts more bacteria and can potentially cause new break-outs. Instead, select a lightweight moisturizer or try Dr. Lin’s Daily Hydrating Gel to soothe skin without clogging pores.

4) After cleansing, apply the Acne Spot Corrector directly to an inflamed area to shrink the size of a pimple or to an acne scar to fade discoloration and even skin tone.

5) Don’t squeeze or pick! As tempting as it is to pop a pimple, waiting the extra day or two to shrink into your bloodstream is a lot easier to treat than a deep tissue scar that can potentially need laser treatments depending on how bad the damage is.

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