10 Tips to Prevent Acne in the New Year

With the New Year underway, it’s time to resolve to have clear, glowing skin! Everyone hates waking up to a new breakout in the morning. However, with these easy go-to tips, there are some simple ways to prevent acne, so you can start your new year on the right track.

1. Stay Hydrated. Drinking water not only hydrates your skin but it eliminates all of the unhealthy toxins from your body. Consuming at least 8 glasses a day will keep your skin looking radiant and glowing every day.

2.  Get a good night’s rest. While you snooze, your skin renews itself, which helps you achieve that healthy glow that we all strive for. Sleep deprivation has been proven to escalate inflammation and is a major cause of acne.  Sleep also helps build a strong immune system, which in turn works to combat infection so that blemishes clear up faster.

3. Avoid Dairy, Spicy and Fried Foods. While some doctors say that your diet doesn’t affect your skin, some foods can trigger breakouts among some people. If you experience frequent breakouts, try cutting out dairy, spicy or greasy, fried foods which can cause inflammation. If you notice an improvement in your skin, then you’ll know it’s best to avoid them.

4. Exercise Regularly. Working out increases blood flow through the body, which helps keep your skin looking healthy and radiant. Be sure to shower and bathe right after exercise. Staying in sweaty clothes can be a haven for bacteria and increase breakouts.

5. Changing pillowcases bi-weekly or monthly. Daily dirt, sweat and make-up is absorbed into your pillowcase each night. Falling asleep on a fresh pillowcase gives your face a clean area to snooze in.

6. Remember to rinse shampoo and conditioner thoroughly. Shampoo and conditioners have a good deal of fragrance that can aggravate the skin. Buildup of the shampoo on hair and face can block the skin’s pores and because you perspire throughout your day, exercising, climbing stairs, and turning in your sleep, these hair products can move from your hair to your face.

7. Try not to touch your face. Picking at a pimple can transfer bacteria from your fingers to your face and cause even more breakouts. Keeping your fingers and hands off of one’s face can keep it clean, healthy, and reduce upcoming breakouts.

8. Clean cell phone.  Cell phones carry a large amount of bacteria and is actually one of the newest causes of acne!  Dirt and make-up seep into your face each time you press the phone to your face.  To avoid breakouts, frequently clean the parts of the phone that touch your face.       

9. Try to sleep on your back.  Sleeping on your back allows your face to be free from touching your pillowcase or sheets that may be harboring bacteria that can transfer to your skin during the night.

10. Always wash your face! We understand that after a long day, sometimes the last thing you want to do is wash your face. However, establishing a daily routine and sticking to it will keep your skin healthy. A clean face is a healthy face!

Here is to a healthy and clear complex in in 2014! Happy New Year!

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