Scar Solutions Program

Dr. Lin has developed a treatment protocol to address the treatment of acne scars and other types of scars. Acne scars are known to be difficult to treat. Severe acne can lead to deep “ice pick scars” and “rolled scars”. Usually, 2-4 treatment sessions are needed, performed every 1-2 months. These techniques can be applied to all types of scars, including surgical scars, lacerations, trauma, burns, and skin injury.

Punch Grafting  Scarred skin is removed from the site of the old acne, and skin is grafted from another area (typically behind the ear). The grafted skin is held in place with special tape.

Punch Excision – Scarred skin is removed from the site of the old acne, and the skin is closed with a fine suture.

Punch Elevation – Scarred skin is lifted from the site of the old acne, and the lifted skin is held in place with special tape or glue.

TCA CROSS Spot Treatment – Trichloroacetic acid is applied to deep scars to stimulate collagen production and minimize the depth of the scar.

Re-vitalization with Filler and Subscission – A filler substance, such as a hylauronic acid, will be injected under the skin with a fine needle to lift the depressed scar. At the time of the injection, subscission (using a needle to break up scar tissue) may be performed.

Intralesional Injections  Some scars can grow and become hypertrophic or keloidal. This means that the scars are elevated and larger than the initial scar. We use intralesional steroid and 5-fluorouracil injections to soften and flatten these types of scars.

Biostimulation  Sculptra may be injected under the skin surface to stimulate collagen growth from under the skin. Platelet-rich plasma may also generated by drawing your own blood and spinning down the blood cells. This plasma is then injected under the skin to stimulate collagen.

After a few sessions of above treatments, laser resurfacing or fractional laser resurfacing may be recommended to smooth out the scarring. These treatments will also improve the waviness and undulations of the skin surface.

Acne Scarring with dr. lin before and afters