Fun Facts About Dr. Lin!

Dr. Lin isn't like ordinary doctors. Yes, he's crazy-smart, board-certified, and has taught and lectured at Harvard and UCLA.

But he is ALSO super hilarious...



...and very caring.  


And kind of a celeb in the dermatology world.


When treating his patients in Beverly Hills, Dr. Lin was totally dedicated to ONLY recommend products that were healthy, cruelty-free and super effective, super fast. Most of the models and actresses that came to see him couldn't wait to clear blemishes. They needed consistently glowing skin, everyday. 

When there was nothing on the market that lived up to his standards, he decided to create his own line. Thus, Dr. Lin Skincare was born!

Now he is making his office-exclusive line available to the public online. He doesn't think you should have to live in Beverly Hills to have consistently beautiful, clear skin.