Why Are Parabens Dangerous?

In recent years, consumers have noticed that an increasing number of beauty products claim that they are “paraben-free” when they walk down the cosmetics isle. This includes Dr. Lin’s paraben-free Acne Clarifying System. But what are parabens and why should they be avoided?

Parabens have been a widely used low-cost preservative in cosmetic products. Although parabens are extremely effective in extending the shelf life of shampoos, skincare and deodorants, while also being hypoallergenic, there is increasing evidence that parabens may be hazardous to a users health.

A few reasons include:

1) A study published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology detected the presence of parabens in breast tumors. It suggests parabens may contain carcinogenic properties that can link to breast cancer.

2) Parabens can also mimic estrogen and may be responsible for hormonal irregularities, including premature puberty in girls, which is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in the last few decades corresponding to the increase in paraben use in skin and body care products.
Although scientists have not definitively proven that parabens do indeed cause cancer or early puberty in girls, the fact that current research suggests that parabens has the potential to contain carcinogenic properties was enough to Dr. Michael Lin to formulate his Acne Clarifying System without the use of parabens.

“As long as I can formulate paraben-free products that are effective as products containing parabens then, I, as a dermatologist, feel better about providing paraben-free products for my patients,” said Dr. Lin.

As a doctor with experience is various types of skin cancer that is personally dedicated to the well-being of his patients, he chooses to not compromise his products with low-cost preservatives like parabens.

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