Acne Prescription Formula + Teledermatology Visit


For a custom prescription formula, you must have an online visit with Dr. Lin. You can learn more about the teledermatology visit here:

Dr. Lin will evaluate your acne when you complete your teledermatology visit. After the evaluation, he will determine your custom prescription formula. In addition to the custom prescription formula, we recommend the 3 Step Kit for all acne patients.


"I used to be so embarrassed of my acne. I tried every over the counter product out there and nothing ever worked. I wanted to go to a dermatologist so bad, but I couldn't afford it and I didn't have health insurance. When I heard about Dr. Lin, I immediately bought a custom prescription formula and had an online consult! I have been using my formula for 2 weeks now and I can't even tell you how much better my skin looks. THANK YOU DR. LIN!" - Britney R.

"I live in a really rural town without a lot of cosmetic dermatologists. Dr. Lin is a super famous dermatologist, so I was really excited that he would be looking at my skin! So cool that he formulated a cream just for me! Yay!" - Amber P.

"I have tried some of the other "custom" formula skincare companies, and I realized they have Physician's Assistants, not Dermatologists. What the heck?! I could get that treatment from a walk-in clinic! I really wanted an expert on skincare that would look at my specific situation (since it was kind of complicated). Dr. Lin totally answered all of my questions! I truly felt like one of his patients, not just a customer." - Dani W.