Tattoo - Q-Clear Laser

Q-Clear -Laser Tattoo Removal
Q-Clear laser is a treatment to remove, improve, lighten and help fade the appearance of brown spots, nevi(s), tattoo, birthmark, and some pigment disorders.  Local or topical anesthesia can be applied for comfort.

About Q-Clear Laser
Q-Clear TM is a revolutionary Q-switched Nd-Yag Laser with two wave lengths. It is effectively two lasers in one. Q-clear TM power is a full futured ND-Yag 1064nm wave length with the added ability to combine 532nm/1064nm with included adapter for different tissue absorption characteristics.

Procedure & Healing Process
Laser surgery may cause a superficial burn to the surface of the skin, which may take several days to weeks to heal depending on the size of the area treated and/or your skin condition... This may result in swelling, weeping, crusting, or flaking of the treated area. Pigmented lesions may turn white, gray or dark after treatment. As the skin heals, in 7-14 days, the spot will slough off. Please remember that multiple treatments are required to achieve optimum results with tattoos and pigmented lesions.

How much does the treatment Cost?
Cost will vary depending on the size of your tattoo and/or skin condition. To learn more about it and if it's right for you schedule a consultation today @ 818-906-6900.

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