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Meet Dr. Michael Lin

"As founder of the Dr. Lin Skincare Institute and Dr. Lin Skincare products, I am dedicated to the research and development of results-oriented products and services. My vision as a Board Certified Dermatologist, is to continue perfecting cosmetic dermatology services and developing skin care products that make it possible for anyone to achieve and maintain, a healthy, glowing, youthful complexion." - Dr. Michael Lin

Celebrity and Public Figure Testimonials

"Dr. Lin helps keep my skin filter-free!"
— KD Aubert

Using Dr. Lin skincare line, I can truly say these products did not dry out my skin. I’ve literally tried so many skincare lines where you go through bottles and barely see results. This skincare line was instant results for me."

— Natalie Papazian

"Dr. Michael is a celebrity dermatologist, a genius and a sweet person."

— Joanna Lee 'Geummy'

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Hacks for your Daily Hydrating Gel

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